Welcome to Looking Glass. We take on the ancient human tradition of drawing objects around us in an entirely new medium: pixels!

Come along for two hours of creative experimentation with the iPad Pro in a relaxed and fun environment. Have a drink, chat about art, and play with paint, pencils, pastels, collage and more– all with zero mess. An iPad Pro + Apple pencil are provided for all class participants. We draw using Procreate software. Each week there is a different still-life installation in the gallery to inspire the class, but participants are free to draw whatever they like. Classes are suited to all levels and ages; no experience of digital technology is necessary. We encourage you to slow down and observe the simple beauty of everyday objects, and to experiment with the elements of design. Classes and discussion are lead by designer Alice Oehr and take place at Lamington Drive Gallery in Collingwood.

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About the Still Life art form
A still life is a work of art depicting the inanimate, often overlooked everyday objects we live with. The artist can arrange and present these items as they wish. The result is often a work that might make you pause to observe and reflect on things you normally wouldn’t notice. These are the objects we live with! Since antiquity, Romans & Greeks would paint jugs, fruit, flowers & freshly killed game to decorate their homes. As other nations also developed a taste for painting the objects in the world around them, the Dutch became world-famous for their luxurious still-lifes and particular affinity for representing the golden light of Holland. These paintings would show off their owner’s affluence; often representing an aspirational lifestyle, an equivalent to the sort we know only too well today through internet culture. They would often contain hidden meanings in their symbolism; the peeled lemon, for example was an exotic fruit and stood as a reminder that whilst luxury may be beautiful, it doesn’t last.

About Digital drawing
Rendering images using pixels is certainly the most mysterious artform in our current day, and perhaps even the most exciting. It has been made publicly well-known by artists like David Hockney, who shocked an art world steeped in tradition by showing his iPad paintings in extremely prestigious galleries like the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Digital artwork by definition simulates existing art mediums like charcoal, oil paint and pencils; using pixels to bring it to life on screen. It also allows us to widely experiment; trying many effects out without any mess, and with the convenient ability to press “undo”. A far cry from the times when artists like Van Gogh couldn’t afford even the paint to work with, we now have an entire gamut of colours at our fingertips, and it’s luminous, non-toxic and entirely portable.  Hockney says "I just happen to be an artist who uses the iPad, I'm not an iPad artist. It's just a medium". On that note, let the exploration begin.

Upcoming Classes:
Saturday September 14th, 2:30-4:30pm / STILL LIFE THEME: Baskets (props by Pan After)
Saturday October 5th, 2:30-4:30pm / STILL LIFE THEME: Eggs (feat. still life by Natalie Turnbull)
Thursday October 10th, 6:30-8:30pm / STILL LIFE THEME: Bread (props by Baker D. Chirico)
Saturday October 26th, 2:30-4:30pm / *special edition class* STILL LIFE + afternoon tea: Sticky Fingers Cake (please purchase tickets to this event separately via this link here )
Saturday November 16th, 2:30-4:30pm / STILL LIFE THEME: Brickscapes (feat. still life by Annie Portelli)
Saturday November 30th, 2:30-4:30pm / STILL LIFE THEME: Memento Mori

How to book:
Please follow this link to Eventbrite to book your place in a class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own iPad/Tablet?
No. We will provide everyone with a 12.9" iPad Pro + Apple pencil. Please note you will need to leave a copy of a current Photo ID to be provided with an iPad. If you wish to BYO iPad, that is of course fine.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

How do I get to the Gallery?
Public transport is your best bet, with the Smith Street trams a two minute walk away. Limited off-street parking is also available in the area.

Will chairs or seats be provided?
We will provide stools for all participants.

What if I don't know how to use an iPad or Procreate?
That's OK, the class will cover it! Basic iPad Tutorials can be found here. More information on Procreate is available here.

Is this event suitable for children?
Yes, all ages are welcome!

Do I have to show my work to other people?
No. Sometimes I encourage people to share what they have made or any tips they discovered during the class, but only if they want to.

Can I get a copy of my work after the event?
Yes! You can email or Bluetooth yourself a copy of your artwork & video of its' creation at the conclusion of the event.

I have more questions!
That's okay! Email Alice at or the gallery at

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